Monday, April 22, 2013

Diamond Lash Volume Series in Sexy Eye False Lashes Review

Hi lovelies! I had won a blog giveaway some time ago and one of the prizes was a multi-pack of Japanese eyelashes with different styles. I fell deeply in love with one of the styles and needed to get more. This is the Diamond Lash Volume series in the style called Sexy (Sekushii) Eye. My bf insisted on "sekushii". I purchased the eyelash pack on Ebay from user yoicho29 and you can find the listing here. It cost me $18.90 plus $2.40 USD for shipping to Canada. I ended up paying a total of $21.30 USD for these eyelashes, which means that each pair of eyelashes costs $4.26. This actually isn't too bad for a pair of eyelashes that can be reused several times.

The style is very interesting and does not exist in the American style eyelashes such as Ardell and Red Cherry, as well as other indie brands like House of Lashes. The lash band is clear, flexible, and very comfortable to wear. The hair is synthetic, so you could sanitize them with alcohol.

These lashes are also very delicate, so you have to be careful when you remove them from the package, as well as removing them from your eye. They aren't as durable as other lashes that I have tried, but I still get a lot of use out of them. In order to maximize your use with these lashes, I highly recommend soaking a cotton swab with make up remover before removing them from your eyes. You can find my tutorial for eyelash removal here.

Are these lashes beautiful or what? I find that these lashes are incredibly flattering for my eye shape and it has a cat eye effect, since the lashes are thicker at the outer corners. They are big, fluttery and voluminous. I absolutely love these and I can easily say that these lashes are one of my top picks. They also have a good curl to them, so they do not point downwards or look droopy. They also fit my eye really well, so I do not have to cut them.

I like these lashes a lot more than the Diamond Lash Glamorous. Diamond Lash Volume in Sexy Eye is a lot softer, more comfortable to wear, and has the perfect band size. I love love love these and I would highly recommend them to anyone who likes to use false lashes. I have not tried very many Japanese lashes, because a lot of the styles are very natural. I prefer more dramatic eyelashes without looking too "drag queen", so Diamond Lash Volume in Sexy Eye is perfect for me.

Do you like Japanese false lashes?

Later Days ~

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  1. Ooh, these lashes are gorgeous! I really like lashes that give a cat eye effect ^^